BranchLab bank planning information

Models the Financial Impact of the Branching Decision

Opening a new bank or credit union branch facility is becoming an increasingly costly investment. Therefore, it is necessary to plan facilities configured for market and service usage needs. The Long Group’s BranchLab® will allow you to align your branch network with the consumer and business deposit, loan, and mortgage opportunities to improve current market share and profit levels.

  • Researches and uncovers expected market share, penetration and deposit balance and loan outstandings to determine income opportunities.
  • Identifies incremental opportunities by financial product line.
  • Calculates the earnings potential associated with the opportunities.
  • Models pro forma operating expense projections and staffing levels for the new branch location (s).
  • Determines annual and cumulative profitability of a new branch site over time.
  • Examines total cost recovery.

If you are doing any bank or credit union branch planning, including researching a new branch location, consulting with The Long Group will help you capture market share and earnings. To learn more about our BranchLab service, please send us a note through the form to the left or give us a call at 603-424-5664.

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