Customer Lab - Providing Business Customer Segmentation in Banking

Customer and Branch Profile

Looking to capture new customers or maximize the revenue generated from your current customers? CustomerLab enhances your knowledge of your market and customers to focus retention activities, prospect more effectively and improve marketing ROI. Leverage customer intelligence with The Long Group’s proprietary consumer and business surveys, marketing central information files (MCIF) data mining capabilities and precision business development targeting to build market share and earnings.

  • Defines each branch neighborhood, or primary service area (geo-fencing).
  • Measures branch performance by product line and defines incremental opportunity by product line.
  • Determines the expected size of each branch based on demand and the competitive nature of the market.
  • Develops a series of diagnostic management reports.
  • Focuses retention activities by uncovering at risk relationships.
  • Identifies cross-sell and prospecting priorities to deepen customer relationships and increase market share.
  • Defines product specific, branch specific and segment specific opportunities.
  • Optimizes marketing expenditures.
  • Provides a platform for product profitability, CRA analysis and precision business development targeting.
  • Provides ongoing support by automating targeted customer retention and acquisition programs.

Through our unique customer segmentation, customer retention and new customer acquisition tools, we help position your brand for market share growth. If you are looking for innovative and proven strategies to improve on your bank, credit union and insurance carrier’s success, give The Long Group a call at 603-424-5664. Or simply fill out the short form to the left.

As Featured in Banking New England:

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