MarketLab Geo-Fencing Strategies

Prioritizes Branch Expansion Plans

MarketLab® allows organizations such as banks and credit unions to evaluate a series of markets simultaneously (geo-fencing) utilizing the identical objective criteria. Build an in-depth understanding of potential expansion opportunities to establish distribution system planning priorities.

  • Performs a market assessment to construct a consumer and business profile.
  • Establishes total demand for financial services, detailing deposits and loans for consumers and businesses.
  • Evaluates the competitive landscape.
  • Uncovers underbanked markets.
  • Determines market behavior revealing financial draw or exodus.
  • Calculates branch capacity.
  • Establishes growth path corridors, defines contiguous branch expansion and evaluates branch distribution gaps.
  • Ranks, scores and prioritizes branch expansion plans.

If you’re looking for experienced and knowledgeable assistance in determining the best markets for your business to enter, contact The Long Group. MarketLab provides research driven recommendations for expanding the reach of your products and services. Call us today at 603-424-5664 to let us know how we can help you, or send us a note through the form at the left.

Branch Transformation and Design