PlanningLab - Bank Market Share Analysis

Strategic Planning

Through a series of interactive and participative senior management sessions, The Long Group facilitates your business and strategic planning process. This allows you to create and sustain a winning corporate strategy for your bank, credit union or insurance company. The Long Group uncovers the particular products, markets and customers to exploit opportunities.

  • Provides an economic forecast of the business climate.
  • Defines the organization’s unique capability and assesses the competition, including a SWOT analysis.
  • Determines the opportunities available in the market, as well as a complete market share analysis.
  • Identifies portfolio and account profitability to uncover revenue enhancement and cost control opportunities.
  • Merges opportunity and profitability to determine feasible, realistic and appropriate business objectives designed to grow and defend your market share.
  • Examines product line behavior to produce a target balance sheet, income statement and key operating ratios.
  • Identifies critical issues, as well as actions to support major programs and projects

PlanningLab will position your bank, credit union or insurance company for growth. Our strategic planning experience and knowledge have proven an effective resource for many businesses in a variety of industries. Call us today at 603-424-5664 or fill out the form to the left to learn more.