Product Profitability

ProfitLab - Customer Retention Strategies for BanksProfitLab is a proven service to help businesses, including banks and credit unions, develop customer retention, cross sale and prospecting strategies to increase market share. Through The Long Group’s proprietary model, we combine your financial statements, fee structure and customer files, then allocate expense and income to determine the unique profitability of each product line. This allows for what-if modeling to leverage your financial performance.

  • Analyzes existing portfolio and pricing structure.
  • Measures profit by business line, product line and at the customer account level.
  • Aggregates profit at the household level to illustrate the affect of cross-selling and bundling.
  • Defines profit by market and by segment.
  • Identifies high value households as part of a profitability analysis.
  • Merges product profitability with market opportunity to prioritize business objectives to help increase your market share.
  • Establishes account acquisition strategies, as well as customer retention strategies.
  • Identifies future pricing models and product development strategies to expand your business.

Build market share and earnings with focused customer retention, upsell and prospecting strategies. Our experience and proven track record are just a few of the reasons that banks, credit unions and other businesses rely on us when they are looking to increase market share.

Call us at 603-424-5664 or send us a note through the form on the left to let us know how we can help your business. If you have previously worked with The Long Group through our CustomerLab service, ProfitLab may be the next logical step for your business. Call Tom or Elizabeth to learn more.